Sunday, March 12, 2006

Thought I'd make a site just for the Crazy Quilt work

I've made a few Crazy bits and pieces, so I thought it appropriate to document them better than I have in the past. I'll begin with the photo's you have all seen in the other sites, but promise to add others. At the moment the quilt is in Heidleberg at 'Lazy Daisy', the bag is in Warburton at 'The Patchwork Teahouse' and oh, the Crazy picture with the Bluebirds is also at Heidleberg. I have another here which I'll get up as soon as possible..... I have to pull it out of its frame so will need to gather some courage and bother.. I intend to use this site as a crazy embroidery working reference, an ongoing and hopefully handy reference... just have to get the quilt back!

By the way, tyhe big quilt pictured here is nowhere near as blue.

Until I get it all happening, you can see the pics here.