Saturday, November 24, 2007

All Of My Posts Are Over At The Main Site Now...

......Over HERE.
I'm still busy. Never idle. Always stitching. Never still...
Happy in myself
oh yes yes
And I still love you too, never forget that.
I didn't make these bags but I wish I did.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Work In Progress

I originally made this little tree scene cameo seperately. It was not long previous to my marriage break up and being, as I considered it, a picture of Pandora's Box and open... I felt that my husband would realise that I had made my decision to leave. Stupid I know! But the story goes that once Pandora's box was open and the contents had flown out, they could not be retrieved.
I thought that once I allowed my mind to see the truth... which was that our relationship had been over for a long time (a thought which I avoided seeing for many years)... I could not 'un-know' it.
So I'd blush or my heart would jump when he saw me working on it. As if he'd possibly be able to connect it. But there it is.
Long time ago now. Happy now. Nice kids. Nice life. All good so don't you worry.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

This Is From My Second Ever Embroidery Although I Did Little Bits Once Or Twice

I must get a photo of the whole piece. It's nice. There are three of the Bluebirds on it. Have a look at all of the cards if you want to. Up to you. Don't if you don't want to. Of course. I put it here again so it will come up in the label 'Birds'. I try not to repeat myself. I try.
P.S. Here's my first embroidery.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Another Of The Grandmother's Fans

I have to tell you I began to run out of ideas by the time I'd finished the fans. You'd think I might have gone to the many, many books I have for inspiration, but I got a bit stuck in a rut and repeated the same borders in various combinations. Ish.
The butterfly border is pretty, done in hand spun linen and Hollyhocks are always good. I'm not sure if I've ever put a link to making Maltese Cross's before, but here is one on Bhavani's blog.
HI BHAVANI!!! Your blog is terrific!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Have I Put This In Before? Is Anybody Out There?

Let's see... the heavy outline is in Roumanian Couching, a very useful stitch and deliciously strong. My use differs in that I have worked it straight rather than on an angle as in the diagram. I discovered it first in a reproduction (book) of DMC designs... I'll look it up (it's in the other room and that's way too far away tonight)... the design in the book is THIS design and I did the Monogram later. The 'M' is an upside down 'W' from an old Illumination.
Inside the main trunk of the 'M' is Detached Buttonhole, obviously, with silk I dyed myself in a moment of rare experimentation. I don't like to dye thread, or rather, I don't trust it... all those hours stitching and then it runs or fades... s'pose 11 years later and it's still colourful.
So that's about it, with a little Padded Satin stitch and some straight 'fill' stitches. Easy Peasy.
The stems and leaves are with, is it Kookanda or something? Fine wool. Absolutely beautiful to use. The dappled colours give a subtle shift in hue or shade that works well anyplace.
Just to give you an idea, the tan 'satin-backed-shantung' is the actual colour of the quilt background. $4 at St. Andrews market and exactly perfect.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More From My Crazy Bag Class... Anne's Version Of Events

The beautiful lacey flower I adapted from an old lace piece that one sees in various histories on the subject. I've done it in 8ply wool on the large Wagga as well. I'm giving my secrets away here as if I'll never go back to teaching again, or write that elusive book, but there you go. You can see it's a simple combination of Bullions, Detached Buttonhole and.. and.. well, I have to wait for the picture to upload before I can remember what else. Ah! I see now! Anne hasn't completed the flower! Ha!
To the side is an adaptation from one of Carole Sample's borders.

The other picture is of the Lady I posted a week or so ago, of Dini's version. This I drew to fit into Anne's spot, and she is very pretty. I think I said it before, but Anne's bag is so cheerful, I love it.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Detail Of Anne's Version Of My Crazy Patch Bag

Anne has been coming to my classes for years and has been a great ambassador, recruiting all of her friends and getting me over to their local patchwork shop (Patchwork Collections in Healseville). Our 8 session 'term' turned into 24 sessions! I'll miss her when I take my break from teaching. I can see already that the monthly day/class at home will start up again, but next year. I still need some breathing space to be able to figure out the new job and new routine.
But... I miss everyone already! Sniff..!

You can see the varying colour choices make an enormous difference. I love the overhanging flowers. Anne has put two of her grandchildren's names on this piece as you can see (with buttons).

Compare our birds. This one below is from my bag.