Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Flower (You Might Have Guessed It Was A Flower)

Such a simple rendition of what was originally an outline for a Thistle. It's stitched in Flower Thread almost entirely with Buttonhole, the only exception being the vein on the leaf and the stamens, which are Satin.
I've been busy finishing the dolls, which are getting ready for their 15 minutes of fame in the newspaper... and working. That's why I've not been here. You'll see soon enough though and I'll certainly make the hugest announcement when the girls are ready. I love them myself. The fabrics are gorgeous.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bug From 'A Schole-House For The Needle' 1632

The design is so old. Coincidentally, a friend managed to get hold of a facsimile of the original book, published in 1998, (ISBN 1 872665 72 1 in case you're interested).
It's a pretty little bug. I worked it mainly in Chain stitch with Flower Thread.
I'm probably repeating myself with pictures by now. If I was better organised I'd write myself a list hey? And I am pretty good about such stuff (I delude myself)... but I'm so busy! When will it stop? The business? I've just this week started a new job so it'll take me a bit to settle in. Then I have to organise my life around it with the view that this is it! This is how much time I will have from now on, and so if I am to complete the many things I desperately must complete, then I have to do it! And NOW! So... it follows that I'd better get off the computer and do some work. Trouble is, it's housework I need to do first. Boring!
My Detached Buttonhole lace star is over the main 9-patch seam to disguise it a little, or to break up the straight lines. The favourite colour and a favourite fabric too. Again with Flower Thread. I love it's delicacy, and the matt finish. It's boring if we use the same textures all of the time. Oh, and the woven grasses are a favourite piece for their texture. That colour again!
Really, I've moved into flourescent colours or light pinks at the moment, but my class girls think of that green as me because it had been for so long and it crops up in the class curriculum a lot. And I drool over it every time (907 for the initiated).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Last Picture Until I Photograph The Inside

My initials, as you see. Easy peesy.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Students Version Of My Lady

The face is coming out incase you're worried! I redesigned the picture I'd done for the big quilt giving it a bigger dress, more your 'Crinoline Lady' style. I've drawn up a bloke too. Dini has used mostly Perle 8, with Stranded for the flowers in the basket. You can see the sample of Needlelace on the hem of the skirt.

My version in in the body of the Crazy patch, bottom right-ish on red, but Dini wants to make a small hanging with geometrically seperated images, and maybe a border in between like the inner border on the quilt.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Some More Of The Bag

I realise that I havn't photographed the inside, which is lovely (groovy) old maybe 60's or perhaps 70's fabric. I think 60's. It's at Lazy Daisy at the moment, spruking for a class, but I'll be there tomorrow too so I'll try and remember to take the camera.

I am taking my bunnies into Craft Victoria's shop on Monday during my lunch break. Frances Atkinson from The Age newspaper is going to do a little article on them for the column 'I Made That'. I'm not sure if they'll be in next week or later, amd it isn't a big article, but I'm excited.
It's raining outside, warm in here. My honey-bunch is going to our caravan by the beach for the weekend for a father and son fishing adventure (hopefully the fish comply). I'm off to play with my daughters and maybe my son as well. It's my eldest girls birthday!! Yay!! Although 27 is just ridiculous and I can't believe it. I know we feel this almost every year, but it's getting ridiculous!
And I have a class Sunday at my house. All Welcome!