Thursday, April 06, 2006

Future Cushion Top

This is a piece I put together a little while ago. I have an idea to put a whole lot of swooping bluebirds across it, and do the border stitching in a soft Duck Egg colour, maybe only in simple Feather Stitch. Perhaps. Anyone who knows me will laugh... things often start out to be simple, but... well... the thing is, the piece dictates how you go along and sometimes it works better to be more elaborate.
I have a tan rabbit fur jacket someone gave me (probably my daughter Claire), and I'll make the cushion up in somewhat the same manner as The Rabbit Cushion, with the sections around the sides pieced in both fur and fabric, then the back in fur. That orange velvet you see in the picture is the most luscious velvet in the known world... I have the tiniest amount so it'd better amount to something in the end. I'll probably go the bobble fringe again???
You will notice that my patches are appliqued, rather than 'flip and sewn'. I much prefer this method, and feel it gives me a better ground for embroidery. I can place the pieces wherever I want. The flip and sew method means every piece has a centre, and every piece has long, straightish patches surrounding that middle and I find it limiting, although it really is just a different approach.
The patches are sewn on with a Ladder Stitch, simply running inside the fold of the top patch, and then down into the ground fabric. There is no need to be too close-stitching as the embroidery goes over the top.

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