Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Details, Hope You're Not Bored Yet??

Here is the pattern for my butterfly. It's all Knots and Bullions, with a Stem stitch outline (I'd do it thicker if I did it again, more significant), Satin stitch pink spots with Stem stitch outlines... It's all written there on the diagram.
When I say Velvet stitch, you might know it as Ghourdies or Turkey Knot? I can't see a suitable link else I'd conveniently and typically, helpfully and (always) happily give it to you.
Make the Knots FAT and many-wrapped, using all 6 strands and keep varying how many wraps you do, you know... 4-6-8. Something like that.
Show me if you do one! I get all alone and lonely if you don't share.
You probably didn't notice, but I've missed a bit. Not on purpose, I just didn't notice and now I don't care.


Linda said...

Bored? BORED??????

Hanging by the fingernails waiting for MORE.

Must go and remind people how wonderful your work is,

Digitalgran said...

Even your working sketch is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.